Mike Holliday to run London Marathon for local charity The Playbarn

Mike Holliday is currently training for the London Marathon where he is running to raise money for The Play Barn Project, a project which will build a sterile play haven for children with cancers and low immune systems.

The charity was inspired by Madison Curtis-Johnson when she developed leukaemia at the young age of 2. After 2 and a half years of chemotherapy, she is now in remission. The project was inspired by Madison through her zest for life and by her parents observing the effect of play on her road to recovery.

Madison and many other young children fighting the disease have a really heart breaking time just surviving, let alone being a child. Their immune system is so weak as a result of treatment, due to the fact that chemotherapy not only kills bad cells but healthy cells too. This adds greater risk of the child catching infection. A common cold can be life threatening if the body cannot fight it off. Madison missed over 2 and a half years of school life and was not able to go to public places because of these risks. The project will therefore build a sterile play haven where children and parents alike can take time out in an area which they know is safe.